About Us

Our club was created to allow people of all ages and skill sets to race against each other and have fun. We use Kyosho Mini-Z cars. We supply the cars, batteries, track, timing device, and venue.  Everyone is welcome -  Our dues-paying members just show up and race!

Why we did it

We decided to do this as a way for everyone with an interest in R/C cars to meet others and have fun racing, without the expense and potential stress of using your own vehicle. 

Our members

There is no such thing as a typical member.  We welcome all ages, all experience and expertise levels.  We run the gamut from people who are just trying to get a taste of whether R/C racing is something they want to invest more time and money in, to people who are long-time enthusiasts.  Our club is for people with an interest in R/C racing, who just want to have fun and hang out with other racers.